Teziutlán Land

Excellent Investment Opportunity

168 very special hectares, height 1,150 mts in the Mexican State of Puebla, located in the northeast of the entity, near the border area with the State of Veracruz. 


This property includes:

80 hectares of forest: Fig tree, Wild Bamboo, Peach, Quebracho, Encino, Beech, Jonote, Liquidambar, Marangola, Chalahuite, Ilite, Nogalillo, White Cedar, Elder

45 hectares of reforestation: Pino Blanco, cypress pine, chiapensis pine, oak, bracatinga

20.5 Hectares of coffee plantation

18 Hectares of Garnica

2 Hectares of Typical

0.5 Hectares of Maragogype

4 hectares of fruit trees

18 hectares of Pastizales

Road – 8 Mts Length 650 Mts Average width 5 Mts

Road – Mts Length 300 Mts Average width 5 Mts

Road – 4 Mts Length 500 Mts Average width 5 Mts

Road – 3 Mts Length 450 Mts Average width 5 Mts

Road – 2 Mts Length 1,700 Mts Average width 5 Mts



Waterfalls: 4 main waterfalls of 8, 15, 25 and 30 Mts plus 15 small waterfalls from 1 to 3 Mts

Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms with WC for ladies and gentlemen


Ditches: Side ditches to roads with stone logs, with rain outlets every 50 Mts, with 12 ”diameter corrugated HDPE pipe.